Open ENLoCC Corner

KLOK Kooperationszentrum Logistik e.V. is the regional competence centre for logistics, with a main emphasis in transport logistics. In a highly industrialized area like Stuttgart Region, logistics is an elementary part of the supply chain. With KLOK, therefore, its members also strive for a leading role in logistics competence. In this context, KLOK cooperates with regional companies and institutions, but also with partners all across Europe.
KLOK is to promote environmentally sound ways of goods transport, including modal shift. It keeps and expands the regional knowledge base for goods transport and serves as an interface between the private and the public sector, whenever questions of goods transport touch political and / or planning issues. Explicitly, KLOK has to look out for upcoming questions from this field and prepare the topics for the decision makers.
KLOK is involved in the following cooperation projects:


The Logistik-Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg (LogBW) was born to improve knowledge transfer between science and logistics, to improve logistics in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg and to promote state-wide logistics. The start of LogBW is supported by the EU through the EFRE fund.


C-LIEGE aims to enhance energy efficiency in cities by integrated demand management in transport and transferability of good practices/lessons learned among EU key players, and to set criteria for assessing and improving the sustainability of transport. C-LIEGE is supported by the EU as a STEER project, financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme 2010.
Seven pilot experiments in six European countries ensure the applicability of the C-LIEGE approach: Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany and Malta. The project will benefit decision makers and professionals in administrations as well as in freight mobility suppliers all over Europe.


CASTLE is a Europe-wide project to improve regional policies for efficient logistics of SME (small and medium size enterprises). It is supported by the EU through the Interreg IVC programme.


TRANSITECTS is aiming at creating sustainable intermodal solutions for transalpine freight traffic which fits changing markets. It is supported by the EU through the Interreg IVB Alpine Space programme.


The project aims to increase sustainable freight transport, relieve congestion at key bottlenecks, remove technical barriers to modal shift and using ICT to make better use of existing infrastructure capacity in North West Europe, including changes in the private sector behaviour. WEASTFLOWS is supported by the EU through the Interreg IVB NEW programme. KLOK has an observer status in the project.


KLOK serves as the secretariat of Open ENLoCC, the Europe-wide network of regional logistics competence centres.